The making of a monotype

I wanted to show people how I put together a monotype, so I set up a video camera and recorded the process from beginning to end. Each monotype is prepared the same way. First, the surface is prepared and 2 layers of color are rolled onto a sheet of glass. Then, working with rags, I wipe the ink to reveal a rough shape. That leads to working with q-tips to go through the ink and refine until an image appears. The process works by adding, removing, adding, removing, etc., until an end result emerges. 

I see the process as a meditation practice that leads to an image that can't be replicated. The design is dictated by the colors of the ink, the frame of mind I'm in at that moment in time, and the music I'm listening to. I see each image as an event in time. 

I hope you enjoy the video!